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Thursday, August 03, 2006

For just $130 you too can look like a professional wedding photographer!

I got my outfit for the wedding today. I must say, I look pretty damn good in it! It's sort of a cute, artsy ensemble that just screams "I should be offered a gallery exhibit any day now." Maybe it'll be just the thing to get me another wedding gig? I'm getting ahead of myself; let's just see how this one goes.

The least it'll do is boost my confidence. Maybe if I look the part, I'll feel the part... and wont be so damn nervous!

I've wasted the majority of this week. You know, I've always thought that maybe the lives of pretty, rich, blonde girls living in L.A. would be full of drama.

Preppy, Tough-Guy Boyfriend: Sometimes I can't stand you!
Stereotypically Stupid "Rich/Blonde Girl #3": If you can't stand me so much, why are you still with me?
(long, uncomfortable pause)
Stereotypically Stupid "Rich/Blonde Girl #3": Happy anniversary.

Thank God there's a show like MTV's The Hills to confirm my suspicions! That's right, I watched a whole mind-numbing hour of that crap last night. But I finished Douglas Coupland's JPod! For the love of God, please tell me that redeems me for watching complete trash. Does it?


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