Simple Splendor

Friday, July 07, 2006

Yesterday at work

Mum: Do you feel like doing a coffee run?
Me: Yeah, I was going to head out and pick up some lunch anyway. Do you think if I work out as hard as I did last night, I can justify having the sandwich combo with a donut?
Mum: That all depends on whether you want to loose weight or maintain your current weight.
Me: Well then I'll only eat half of the donut.
Mum: What will you do with the other half?
Me: ... I'll eat it later.
Mum: You're an idiot.

I didn't get the donut. I got cookies instead. But I did work out, and it was intense. Needless to say, my abs hurt a lot today - especially when I sneeze. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to take my Reactin this morning.