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Monday, July 31, 2006

Well, it's Monday and I'm sitting in my living room - not sitting in a bus terminal in Huntsville, on my way to Algonquin.

Richard wasn't able to make it, I'm afraid. I considered going on my own, but my mother, quite understandably, put a halt on those plans. Seeing as the campsite was still booked (on my Visa, no less) I figured I'd at least make an attempt to use it. So I gave Nathan a call on Saturday and he seemed all for it! Matt decided he'd tag along and we went out and picked up some supplies. I spoke with Nathan Sunday morning and things still seemed to be a go - and then he called me back no more than 10 minutes later saying he'd rather do some work for his brother that week.


I spent the rest of the evening trying to come up with an alternative. I settled on staying at home for my week off work, wallowing in my own self pity.

Dave has said, though, that we'll pitch the tent in my backyard and eat s'mores and watch Secret Window and Team America on his laptop!


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