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Monday, January 30, 2006

Many of you might recall the various conversations I've posted demonstrating the randomness experienced on a daily basis in my house (see here, here and here... oh! and we can't forget this one). Granted, this sort of conversation occurs so often that I barely notice anymore, but today one stood out. I'm not sure why, to be honest with you, but I was laughing for quite a while. Perhaps it was the sincere bitterness of my brother that brought about the giggling.

Me: I'm sure you're just dying to know that Lindsay Lohan got a new tattoo.
Matt: What?
Me: MSN has done some story about Lindsay's new tattoo. She got the word "Breathe" on her wrist.
Matt: (glares for a moment) Why didn't she just get "Slit" and then do it all ready?! (walks out of the room to play with the puppy)

Anyway, I found myself at Casa Blanca Books today. As usual, I spent far too much - especially seeing as I still have books from Christmas I haven't had chance to open yet, let a lone start. What can I say... I'm a literature whore.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Our dog died this summer from the disease that had kept him quite ill for nearly a year. It was tough for us to sit back and watch him suffer at such a young age and my brother, who was the closest to him and his main caregiver, especially had a difficult time with his death. So when my brother started checking humane society websites on a daily basis and looking up breeders online, we knew he was ready for another dog.

So we lied to him. We told him we were driving out to some farmer's market in the middle of nowhere. But in actuality, I had called and made arrangements for us to visit a Mennonite farm who sold a ton of different breeds (she referred to their farm as being a "country pet store"). And, believe it or not, he was completely oblivious to the plan until we pulled up their drive way and he saw the "puppies for sale" sign. You should have seen the look on his face!

The barn the puppies were kept in was very clean and very well kept. Each litter was separated into pens, there was no smell, and no filth. All puppies came vet checked and with their first shots, some even with their second. So if you're looking for a dog, I recommend them highly.

We let him sort of wander around, pet them, play with them and what not to get a feel for the kind of dog he was looking for. And then he saw her! As soon as he picked her up we all knew that she'd be the one he'd pick.

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Here's Matt upon first meeting Lucille, a 7 week old Lab - Collie - Labradoodle cross. She is such a sweetie!

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Here she is in Petcetera with her new frog toy. Boy was she ever the center of attention there! Matt's going to be so popular with the ladies... :P

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I realise that I have allowed quite the lapse in time since my last post. I've been meaning to post - believe me, I have! But, in all honesty, I needed to take a step back from everything. It's helped tremendously and I'm back in action.

So after taking a bit of "me time", making a commitment to revert back to a regular posting manner, and actually sitting down at the computer to start, all that was left was to decide what my "comeback post" should be about.

I settled on last night's election (which only 60% of eligible Canadians turned out for, might I add). Granted, I'm a newbie in regards to the voting world. It was the first election I was able to take part in and I took pride in placing my ballot in the box.

But here's what gets me: It's almost as though election time is when all of the naive and uninformed members of society crawl out of the woodwork. No, no. Election time is when I notice all of the naive and uniformed members of society.

I'm not the type of person to criticise someone on their political positions or who they happened to vote for. I believe that exercising your right is an important and honorable act, especially for Canada's young people. However, if for your own reasons you choose not to vote, I can respect that too. But it seems that there are some very noticeable differences between myself and some of the other young voters I've spoken to over the past couple of weeks.

First of all, a difference in political opinion in no way calls for personal attacks. I am so tired of hearing rude remarks brought about because someone is voting differently than someone else. You're vote is an individual choice rooted in your beliefs, upbringing, priorities, and morals and no one can judge you based on that.

I took the time to look into this year's campaigns so that, when I went to the polls, I could feel confident in knowing that I had made an informed decision. I know that not everyone is as interested in politics as I am, and I'm sure that many would find that kind of research tedious. But you would assume that those who hadn't got themselves caught up would then avoid discussions where such information is needed. What I have found, in fact, is that not everyone thinks that way.

Now, I'm not going to name names or point any fingers, but I will use the details to warn the rest of you. If you insist on starting a discussion about politics (not only with myself, but with anyone really) do not, by any means, make things up. And if you must, for whatever reason, try to not to make your points ludicrous. But let's say you are caught expressing your feelings on a made-up platform; don't continue to claim that it's true. The worst thing you can do is argue logic and truth with nonsense. It just doesn't work.

Normally, I can put up with that. I'll let the other person speak, hear what they have to say, and then end the conversation politely. But if you have the audacity to not only tell me I've voted for the wrong party, but then to tell me that I've been deceived - the conversation is over, buddy (sans politeness)!