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Friday, November 04, 2005

If all goes as planned, I'll start work on converting our fruit cellar into a darkroom this weekend. It's exciting stuff! But there is so much to be done. First, I'll need to empty it out and pack away all of the old tools that are currently residing in there. Then I'll have to paint the room black and light proof around the door way, which in itself is a weekend's worth of work. After that it's a matter of plumbing in a sink, installing a light socket, replacing the door and building a shelf or two.

I sure have taken on a rather large task, but I've wanted this for oh so long! I'm going to go on a hunt for a second hand enlarger this weekend and I'll use my German contest winnings to cover the cost. I'm thinking that I'll ask for the sink, paint and door to be my Christmas gift from my dad. All that'll be left is the developing supplies which can be bought with my next paycheck.

Oh, and my brother has offered manual labor at the small cost of $20 and a lesson or two in developing film.

I'm getting all antsy and giddy!


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