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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Qasir: "I demand more posts!"

Well, aren't we a little rude? I'll have you know that there has been a very good reason for my absence. As some of you know, I've been really sick since about the end of July. So I finally went in to get checked out, after my mother spent days pleading with me to get my blood work done. Let's face it, I'm a very lazy vegetarian when it comes to my diet. I knew the answer to my constant ill state would be found by blood work and that it would ultimately lead back to my terrible, terrible food choices.

I went in for the tests on the Tuesday and knew what was wrong by the Friday. Turns out I'm iron deficient - not enough to make me anemic, but just enough for me to be sick all the time! Long story short, I'm on a supplement and need to be tested again in 3 months. But I was told that I should see a drastic improvement in my energy levels soon.

But not soon enough, apparently. I could do with some added energy today. I had awesome night out last night. A friend of mine, Irena, is in a band and they had a gig last night. It was an awesome show! I got there with Chantelle about an hour before any of the guys showed up. We had a really good time. Played a bit of free pool, listened to some good music, had some beer and, above all, gossiped. It was the first time the two of us had really talked. It was good, really good.

Steve showed up followed by Jake, Tyler, and Andrew. They got there just in time to catch the end of Reenie's set. Everyone was blown away by the band - myself included! I had only heard them on their website. Let me tell you, nothing compared to them live!

Chantelle drove me home and we sat outside my house talking for a good 40 minutes. I'm glad we got the chance; I feel like I know her so much better now. I had an amazing night but, sadly, I'm paying for it this morning. It's 9:34 and I need a nap already! :(


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