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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I've had to take a minute to just breathe.

My film deadline is fast approaching - Monday's the viewing day. We filmed nearly all of it this past weekend and, by the end of Sunday's shoot, there was this huge weight lifted off my shoulders. But now that I realize our only editing day is tomorrow, it's starting to seem like we have more than a day's worth of work ahead of us.

(Cue weight piling back on shoulders)

We'll have to just truck on ahead and stay positive I guess. I know it sounds lame, but maybe it'll help if we're not feeling bogged down and defeated before tomorrow has even started.

This weekend should be a nice break from everything though. I've got commencement Friday night and I'll get to see everyone again! I work Saturday, but I'll be heading off to a concert after that. I work Sunday as well, but my weekend will be concluded with shopping!

Then comes Monday... the day of doom.


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