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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's going to be one of those days...

I woke up this morning with half of my earring lost inside my earlobe! When I looked in the mirror I saw that it wasn't there so I figured it feel out in my sleep or something. Actually, no. it migrated through the hole and into the lobe. And then it bled and crusted over. Lovely, huh?

I bet your wondering how something so bizarre could happen. Well I only just got around to having them re-pierced. Amanda and I were at the mall and figured "What the hell!". The problem is that I have ridiculously fat earlobes and the posts on the back of the earrings weren't nearly long enough. So the earring was just slowly, I dunno, sucked in!

Hopefully the day will improve. I'm heading down to get a gym membership this afternoon. All of my excuses not to have run out and it just seems to be about time.

Ooo! I can totally have one of those pretentious blogs where I only write about how I got up early to go to the gym where someone was on my machine, then I headed to work where I'm so important and things wouldn't run smoothly without me. Nadia and I met for a power lunch at the new bistro that opened downtown. The food was fabulous, but the waiter knew nothing about wines. I got everything finished in the office and pushed my meeting with ICP to tomorrow so that I could make it to my daughter's soccer game. To finish off the day, I took her and her friends from the team out for ice cream!

Or not. Mind you, maybe I will find muse in the form of gross, sweaty men and the woman who wont get off her cell phone long enough to let everyone else enjoy their workout (note: you can read an excerpt from her blog above! :P )


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