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Thursday, September 22, 2005

My photography teacher: "Yeaaaaah... I think you're cursed."

Encouraging words, wouldn't you agree?

"I don't understand why you aren't getting a shot. I mean, we've tried all different exposure times, lighting conditions, and you've used four different cameras - three of which have already produced good shots. After 20 seconds of exposure, this one should show something in the developer."

It didn't.

Me: "Well, you've seen me take pictures. I've done exactly what you've told me to, so clearly it's not a technical error on my part. (with a hint of sarcasm) Maybe I just wasn't meant to take a pinhole picture! Can't I just hand in 3 photograms instead of two to make up the marks?"

My teacher: "No, I want you to keep at this. I think we're getting close!"

I never thought a damn cardboard box would get the better of me. It's just a pinhole picture - maybe not even 2% of my final mark. Why he insists on me carrying on with it is beyond me. It's actually become quite entertaining though, for me anyway. He and I have gotten it down to a routine:

First, we review our shots from the day before in an attempt to find where we went wrong. Then, we ask someone in the class to lend me their camera after seeing their fabulous results. He tells me where to shoot, what to shoot and how long to shoot it for - I follow these directions to a tee in an attempt to reproduce these fabulous results. We take the camera to the darkroom, unload the paper into the developer and wait for something fabulous to appear. As we've come to expect, it never does. He shakes his head in disappointment and I let out a giggle before we start the process all over again.

One week until he lets us start with proper cameras. One week until I finally get to show that I know what I'm doing!


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