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Friday, September 16, 2005

I would give anything to be at home right now, curled up in my lovely new(ish) Ikea chair, listening to the sound of the rain against the window while reading a book. Oh, and throw some hot chocolate in there too - I could really go for a cup of that right now.

But, sadly, I am stuck in class with a substitute teacher and little to no motivation what so ever.

School has been fairly decent. It's amazing just how different this school is from my old one though. It's so random and open and... I don't know... fresh. Don't get me wrong, I love Cameron and I had four wonderful years there. But I needed something new and I really feel like I fit in here. I've had a couple of people, who I don't have a class with, just start conversation with me or introduce themselves or, even better, just ask me who I am! You don't feel awkward because you don't know anyone. Instead you feel appreciated because someone's willing to take the time to find out about you.

My classes are awesome. I have film, photography and communication technologies (graphic design, conceptual planning, broadcast, animation... a bit of everything). Film is going well. I've come up with a concept that I think has real potential. Right now I just have work on better defining the theme and purpose. It was mentioned by a group member of mine today and referred to, by no fault of his own, as something I don't want it to be seen as. I guess I just need to work harder at making sure that people see the concept the way I see it... hence the re-defining. I realise I'm being vague but, until I have a few of the kinks worked out, I'd rather not try and describe it.


I'm not liking the road this blog is going down - too diaryish. But on the same token, I'll want to use this in the future as a reminder of everything that went on. Maybe I'll try and find a happen medium. There's also not enough pictures! Yeah, it definitely needs more pictures... I'll make this blog good. Just you wait and see!


  • Aha! Thought I wasn't reading you're blog?! Well I'll be honest...I haven't been...but I'm catching up now! And where's this ode? :p

    Hehe...I kid, I children.

    I've left you little presents at all the recent posts. You've been so good to me. :)

    By Blogger Kaiser, at September 16, 2005 4:15 p.m.  

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