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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Summer To Do List
4. Ride on the back of a motorcycle

Yesterday was good. It was so good that I managed to cross a second task off my list!

Jake's bike is awesome. He took me from William's to his house (where he picked up his pool cue), and then from his house to Steve's. Holding that pool cue was... quite the challenge! He's lucky I didn't drop it.

I'm glad to inform you that my first motorcycle ride provided everyone with a solid minute or two of entertainment. Yeah. They all laughed at me because I apparently looked funny. It was my first time on a bike... What did they expect? Oh well. We get it guys - I'm lame :P

So I went to Embassy with everyone last night. It's a youth group thing and Qasir and I decided to go out of curiosity. I enjoyed it, but I think Qasir might have zoned out a little. I went because despite what I believe, I'm really interested in the history and philosophy behind religion (all religions really). So yeah, overall it was interesting. It was funny though, because a few of the things that were said Jess and I had talked about before we went. And I got to see Cheryl again! I haven't seen her since school's been out and it was awesome getting all caught up! She even came to William's with the group of us afterwards. And, like typical girls, we gossiped!

After that, some of us went to Steve's house. We played a bit of pool, reminisced about Anamaniacs, and listened to Jake and Steve jam. We also decided that Friday night we're going to celebrate my employment... but not too late because I work Saturday morning! :P


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