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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Well, the extra class I'm taking this summer started on Tuesday. It's a law class and it's proving to be fairly alright. I walked in on the first day- tired, head low - and when I looked up Nathan Wilke was sitting there! And there was an empty desk beside him!! Which is super wicked because now we're law buddies.

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Here he is on our lunch break. It looks like he has a pointy cheek - like in those Toblerone commercials. But I assure you there is just something behind him that is flesh colour.

Funny quotations from summer school:

Mr. Lee (A teacher of mine from first semester): "Hi! I didn't know you were here. How have you been?"
Me: "Pretty good. You?"
Mr. Lee: "Good..... Have you lost weight?"
*keep in mind that there a lot of people around, none of which I know*
Me: (looooong pause) "Um.... Yeah. Yeah I have."
Mr. Lee: "I could tell. Well, that's good."
Me: "Ummm... yeah."
Mr. Lee: "No really. Have you been dieting?"
Me: "No. It just kind of happened.... I should go to class."

Soooo awkward!!

"That's cage time!" - Rick, he sits behind me and to the right

"I'll apologize in advance for my mushy cherries." - Nathan

Not sure who said this: "Well, I suggest you don't snack before the meal. It'll ruin your appetite." (referring, of course, to having sex before marriage)
Brian: "No. If you snack, you'll know how to eat it."
Maria: "But if you have a little snack here, next thing you know you'll be snacking here and here. By the time dinner's ready, you're favorite food will have no flavor!"


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