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Monday, July 04, 2005

Today was quite the adventure. Qasir met up and went to the Library. I got a few CDs and a couple of books, including one that I've been dying to read! After that we went for lunch at the new Muses, you know, for old time's sake. It was quite yummy and we had a good talk.

As we were heading back to my house, Qasir decided he wanted to stop at a comic book store. I don't do comics. I just don't like them, and I rarely understand them. They're usually too... fantasy. I can, however, appreciate the art when they are well done. So I figured I'd go in with him - but I grumbled about it the whole time. Fortunately, the store owner has a cat and so I played with him.

Qasir found a box of "bargain comics" and so we picked out three really bad, really funny looking ones. They were fifty cents each - well worth it, considering the chuckles we got from them.

We made our way up to Nathan's. He was working, but we hung out with Jordan until he got home. On the walk up to their place, Qasir and I walked through a sort of park thing. The grass was covered in firework remnants and, sitting on a teeter-totter, was a very decrepit Batman. His face, both of his hands and one of his feet had been completely melted away! Seriously, just gone. I felt bad for him, so I picked him up and took him with us. Besides, Qasir and I have this thing where whenever we find something interesting we take it home (wrenches, base balls, etc.). So I really had no choice.

Originally uploaded by Amy Cow.

Here Batman is enjoying the ride home. I'm debating painting some eyes on him.

I'm sure some other things happened, but I can't really remember them. This post is getting a little lengthy anyway.

Qasir: "Amy, there's something I've been meaning to tell you - I've finally found the holy avenger!"


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