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Thursday, July 28, 2005

This week has been good. Monday was Qasir's birthday (yay 18! :P ) so a bunch of us got together at Nathan's. After a trip to Starbucks, we went and picked up his birthday cake. Nadia and I chose a lovely "Under the Sea" design - complete with octopus and starfish. We got the girl in the bakery to write on it "Happy Brithday to our favorite Tubanator!" and we then proceeded to ask her to put pink icing on the octopus' head making it look like a turban (Qasir wore a pink turban for Halloween). It was the greatest cake ever made. Ever. Oo! And some time over the course of the weekend (possibly Monday, possibly not) we took Qasir's trampoline virginity! Can you believe he had never been on a trampoline before?

Tuesday night we all met at Starbucks (I'm definitely getting addicted) and then we headed off to Jake's to watch Donnie Darko. Such a wicked movie - I can't believe I hadn't seen it before then! It was a good night, despite the fact that I got caught in a storm (But Jess, Michelle, Beth and Beth's sister to the rescue!)

Wednesday Jake, Nathan, Jess, Michelle and I went for coffee and things were good. No Starbucks though, which is probably for the best. I can't afford this habit.

Today I had my exam. 100 multiple choice. I got too bored and just picked random answers towards the end. Oh well. A 92% going into the exam... I can circle which ever letter I like. I'm still going to get a damn fine mark.

Jake has just informed me that soon I'll be able to cross off two (yes two!) of my summer to do things. Tres Exciting!!


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