Simple Splendor

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The past two days have been pretty damn wicked!

Today my dad came down from Toronto to celebrate my brother's birthday with us (he turned 15 on Thursday!). He took Matt for some good ol' paint balling while my mum and I went to IKEA. We looked at lots of lovely furniture and she told me that I can re-decorate my room the last week of August! She's planning on taking the whole week off to decorate the majority of the house... starting with my room!! :D Which means I'll have everyone over all of the time. It's geared all around the idea of it being functional for me and my friends to hang out in. I'll see if I can scan in some of the design sketches I've done.

It's quite exciting...

I picked up some dishes for when I move out (I'm getting things now so that I'm not in a mad dash to get everything when I leave in like, I dunno, a year or so). They were insanely cheap! Seriously. Four plates, four big bowls and four little bowls for $6. Can you believe that?! Not $6 each.... $6 total! Damn, I love IKEA.

After that we played a bit of pool, had some dinner and played a few arcade games all at Dave & Buster's. It's an arcade /bar /restaurant /pool hall... it's a wicked place and the food is quite good!

Ooo! Yesterday was amazingly good fun! After school I met up with Jess, Beth, Michelle, Nathan, Conner and Qasir. We decided to take a road trip to Nathan's brother's place for firewood. He lives out in the middle of no where surrounded by farms. The drive up was hilarious! I sat in the back seat with Qasir and Jess and listened to them exchange swan and goat stories. They are so weird!

Once we got the firewood we took a drive up to Woodstock - naively thinking there was actually something to do there! There most certainly was not. So we made a stop of at the liquor store and Shopper's Drugmart. Then we headed back to Nathan's for a fire. Tyler showed up, as did Hannah and Jess T. It was such an awesome night! But I do need to warn you... alcohol and trampolines do not mix well. I had very, very little to drink and it wasn't until I got on that trampoline that I felt it. But it was so much fun!

So many funny, great, wicked things happened... but it's getting far too late for me to remember any of them! So instead, just enjoy a few pictures.