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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Originally uploaded by Amy Cow.

He also went to the park. He tried to make friends with this duck, but the duck wanted nothing to do with him.

Well, that's not true. The duck came out of the water towards Batman - out of curiosity I assume. But once he got a good look of him, he ran away. Damn duck! Batman can't help his disfigured appearance!


  • Batman: No Duck...come back...we can talk through our problems...don't leave! *sniff*

    Qasir: It's alright man...plenty of ducks in the water.

    Batman: NO! She was the only duck that loved me for who I AM! Look at me...I know it's not pretty...I've been burned bad...but she loved me...come back duck...come back...

    Qasir: ...look at me may be covered in burned tissue and scars but everyone can see the beautiful soul underneath. Keep fightin' the good fight Batman...

    Batman: ...Thank don't know what it means to me

    *audience cheer*

    Qasir: Great play man...awesome make up on the burned Batman there...some freaky shit...he looks disgustingly the line about the beautiful soul.

    Amy: ...Qasir...

    Qasir: What's up?

    *Batman sobbing uncontrollably*

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