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Monday, July 18, 2005

Not a lot happened Sunday - which was a pleasant change. My mum and I went birthday shopping for my brother. And, as usual, I spent money on myself instead. After hearing the new Sweatshop Union single I had contemplated buying the album, but the ride to Guelph on Friday night is what did it for me! It's a wicked c.d. but I have a feeling that the massive enthusiasm the boys put into jamming along with the kick ass percussion in one of the songs played a role in my decision! Hanging out with them is so wicked and always so random... I love it.

Anyway, I promised Adam that I'd blog about today before I went to bed. I even gave him my "Scout's honor" which he didn't except. So I had to swear on the greatness of my blog. As a result, I'm here blogging.

Him and Andrew had another one of their random fights in the hall again today. But this time there was some serious damage done! I'm supposed to emphasize the fact that Andrew went down like a "sack of potatoes" after taking a shot to the kidney!

After school Nadia and I walked to Jess L.'s place and met up with Jess, Beth and Michelle. The group of us went to Tim Hortons and met up with Qasir and then we all went to Nathan's. Much fun.

I spent the rest of the night MSN-ing it up. I was going to post IKEA pictures. But it can wait another day - simply on the grounds that I want to piss off Kate! lol... I love you hun! (k)


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