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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Prom is tonight. It seems weird that it's here already. I don't feel like I'm done highschool yet (mind you, I'm glad that I am). It's sad to think that in two months a ton of my friends will be all over Canada, and some in the US, starting university. Oh well. It's a happy thing when you really think about it. We're growing up, moving on, and gearing up for all those cute university boys (or girls, which ever the case may be). It would be pretty lame if we wanted to stay here forever... so what better time for you to leave than now?

I sort of wish I was doing the same and heading out next year. On the other hand, it's so awesome to think that I've got an entire slack year ahead of me! A few simple classes at a new school (and I mean simple!!), a bit of money making, and a whole lotta lounging around.

Anyway, I should get going. I want to take a nap before I need to start on my hair. Hopefully there will be pictures!

Prom tonight. Not going to school tomorrow. 18th birthday Saturday. WooT!


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