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Sunday, June 26, 2005

If yesterday was any indication of how the rest of my summer will be, I can expect to have one hell of time!

My mum, brother and I went to the city's multicultural festival. We saw a few acts, browsed around the booths and had some amazing food. After that my mum mentioned how she had been considering getting the cuff of her ear pierced. I convinced her to get it done at a place down town.

We all came home pierced.

She got her cuff done, my brother got his lip pierced, and I got my left vertical trag. I also ended up coming home with a new pair of shoes.

After that I came home, took a nap (naturally, it had been a long day :P ), and got ready to head out again. Nathan's brother's were throwing a massive party - complete with rented hot tub. I had the most amazing time. Drunk people are great; drunk people ropeboarding are even better!

I even went star spinning ;)

But I can't talk about last night (well, early morning at this point) without mentioning the walk home! It's got to be a good 20 - 30 minute walk from Nathan's house to mine - if you cut through the woods. Steve, Tyler, Nathan and I ventured off and walked it at 2:00 am. Holy crap it was wicked. I'm surprised we made it though. Come to think of it, I never really checked that the boys made it back in one piece. Not only did I get piggy-back rides, but I also got about a million hugs and high fives.

Steve: "Andrew said he wanted us to bring back Big Turks."
Me: "The only place that'll be open is Big Bear, but it's out of our way."
Tyler: (in a quiet, tiny voice) "Ummm... Guys. I don't think we should go. I'm scared of bears!"

We were outside of my house when this was said. It took everything we had not to burst out laughing (which would have woken my mum).


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