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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Haven't posted in a few days - I guess I just haven't got 'round to it. (worst grammar ever)

Saturday night was one hell of a night! Went over to Nathan's for a sort of "goodbye Nathan and Andrew" thing. Andrew, Jake, Steve, Tyler, and... Brian? (I'm going to feel like an ass if that isn't his name) were there. I got there at about 9 ish and watched them ropeboard for awhile. It's far more impressive in person than the video on the site - and that video is pretty impressive!

Unfortunately, they were doing it by the stream thing at the back of Nathan's yard. That meant massive amounts of mosquitoes! I think I got the most bites of anyone, which isn't uncommon for me. There's a line of bites that runs all the way across my lower back - the spot of exposed skin where my pants and shirt didn't meet. It wasn't just exposed skin that they went for though. I somehow ended up with bites up the backs of my legs. The little fuckers were able to bite through my jeans! West Nile anyone?

We stayed at Nathan's until about 11:30 - had a beer, and just hung out. After that we drove around, made a stop at Tim Hortons and... yeah. We managed to entertain ourselves for the evening. I had to be home by 1. It had been such a long day and I was so tired, but I was up all night scratching. I can assure you that it was totally worth it!

I'll post about Sunday and Monday later. I really should get back to my work.


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