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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

You will have to excuse my lack of post from last night. I know I promised you one, but I did kind of spend a good portion of the night at the hospital. Good old emergency room. I'll fill you in later. Don't worry, it doesn't look to be too serious. I'm making an appointment with a specialist today though. Hopefully I'll have a better idea of what's going on soon.

So Saturday was a good day. I went to the market with my mum and we had a good time. It's been ages since we've spent some time together - we've both been so busy lately. We moseyed around for awhile but didn't buy anything. Ooo! And I saw this violinist playing. Total hottie. I made the mistake of telling my mother I thought he was cute. She looked over and he was checking me out. I didn't believe her, so I looked over and... he was checking me out! Winner! So then my mother gets it in her head for me to go over and put money in his case. I say she's being ridiculous and she says "Well, if you do... and you make eye contact with him... and you smile then we'll renegotiate this whole camera thing!" How could I not do it? I mean, I've been bugging her about this camera for ages! So I did it. I come back over and she says to me "I was planning on talking to you about it today anyway."

Ugh. For those of you who don't know, I've been driving my mother crazy trying to get her to buy me a digital SLR. My reasoning? I'll need one for university anyway, so why not get it now and get a little practice before I go?! I bet she'll get it for my birthday... just over a month!

After that we went for lunch, did a bit of shopping, and got our eyebrows waxed. I was so tired when I got home that I took a nap. I woke up just in time to make plans with Qasir and Nathan. Then I went grocery shopping and then I went out with Nathan and Qasir. We went to see The Hitch Hiker's Guide To the Galaxy. Damn good movie. Then we came back to my house for tea and crumpets. They left around 2 (am) and I went to bed.

Sunday was good too. We went up to Fergus to see my grandma for mother's day. We went to a nursery and I bought a cucumber plant (I grew one last summer too) and I figured I'd try green peppers this year. We had a massive dinner and I took lots of pictures! I'll post them soon.

Boys are weird. This is what was said on the way home today:

Mozes: "You sunk my scrabble ship! Triple word score - Yeah!"

(In regards to me taking a nap with him :S ) "All I have to do is move the tissue box, then there'll be room for you."


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