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Friday, May 13, 2005

What do the word "Woosh!", a squirrel with a pizza and a Hong Kong dollar have in common?

They were all part of my very random walk home from band with Ann and Mel Wednesday.

Okay. So Mel was rollerblading while Ann and I walked. Mel (being typical Mel) hit a bump and nearly went flying! She went to shout out "Woah Shit!" but instead she screamed "WOOOOOSH!" Funniest thing ever!!

Then we're walking along and I thought Ann was going to fall over she was laughing so hard! She starts pointing up in a tree, but I couldn't see what was so funny. After a few minutes of staring at a tree with absolutely no idea what was going on, I finally saw it - a squirrel eating a slice of pizza. A whole slice! He must've gotten into a garbage can or something. After a good, lengthy chuckle we continued on our way.

We were almost at my house when I saw something shiny. I stop to check it out and, low and behold, it was a Hong Kong dollar. Incredibly random indeed. I mean, really. Who just finds a Hong Kong dollar?


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