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Sunday, May 22, 2005

It's been awhile, and for that I am sorry. Busy, busy, busy - as always.

Thursday was night school. But before class I was at Victoria Park. Haly had organized a birthday party for Hunnisett (Ms. Hunnisett, my grade 9 English teacher who moved to the U.S.) and Luca, her son. Tulia, her daughter, was there too. They are so adorable. Luca just turned 2 and Tulia is just over a year old. I think that's right, anyway. Melissa and I tried to work it out, but we're probably incredibly wrong!

Everyone had such a great time! Good job, Haly. A bunch of us ended up playing football (soccer, for those of you not cool enough to call it what it is) and it was hardcore. It was Abbie (worst goalie ever! :P), Brian, John and myself against Nathan B., Jordan, Farzan and Auburn. It was insane. I have this bad habit of not stepping down from a tackle, which resulted in a few head on collisions. I tackled Farzan, he fell, tripped me and kneed me in the face. The eye to be exact. I was lucky I didn't end up with a black eye. It only would have added to the rest of my wounds. I have a massive bruise on my foot (from the game), bruises up my arm from when I accidentally broke a window, and a huge ugly black one on my leg that I don't know how I got. I'm a mess.

Anyway, long story short, I scored two goals. I could have scored more if the boys on my team had actually passed me the ball. Stupid boys.

Friday I was at a German competition. I'll post all about that when I get my results.

Saturday my mum and I went for a walk through Victoria Park. It was really nice. Then we decided to walk up to the grocery store to get something for dinner, and then we walked home. We walked for three hours. I wonder how many times I can say "walk" in one post... :P

On our way from the park to the grocery store, we saw some graffiti. I can only assume that it was done by Andrew or one of his affiliates. It's advertising Gratis Ropeboarding. Check out his site. They've got some cool pictures in the media section of Andrew and a few of the other guys doing some tricks. There's also a video.

And there you have it - one plug for Ropeboarding!


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