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Friday, May 06, 2005


That's right folks, it's my mum's birthday. She's not home from work yet, so I decided to take a minute away from getting the house ready to blog. My brother's outside mowing the lawn and I'm in my living room belting out Aerosmith hits. Yes - Aerosmith.

I'll take pictures tonight of the festivities. But there's still a lot to do before she gets here. I have to clean the kitchen and living room, vacuum, cook dinner, wrap her gifts and finish burning a special birthday cd (I was smart this year and decided to buy a cake. Whenever I decide to make one, it's never ready on time!). She's going to be home at 6 and I haven't started any of that list. Well, that's not entirely true. I downloaded a few songs for the cd - hence the Aerosmith.

On a side note: This kid in my English class did a presentation today on Cricket and it was totally the shit!! It was funny, because it was just last week that I was telling my mum I wanted to join a team. I think I could do it.... maybe.

Random Qasir quotes that, oddly enough, I find to be funny (maybe I'm just a little out of it today :P ) :

"The mainframe is down! We must initiate battle mode!!"

"What the hell?! I didn't say you could have a car!"

"I'm feeling a lot better today. I only threw up once this morning and I've managed to keep my breakfast down."


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