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Friday, May 27, 2005

Got to school on time for second period yesterday- although I nearly didn't. Dan's mom happened to drive by and stop to pick me up. Winner.

Nothing terribly exciting happened until after school. Hung about and ended up volunteering to be a server at tonight's Multicultural Show. Then Gurveer decided he wanted to go get dinner. I said I'd go if he bought me food... so he did. Studied a little for night school exam and then it was off to write it. I think it went pretty well. It only took me an hour to write and I got it to the point where there was nothing else to say. It looked to be shorter than some of the others, but I guess it's quality, not quantity. :P

After I wrote my exam my mum, aunt, and uncle came to pick me up for the last Electric Thursday (a series of concerts performed by the symphony and a rock band) of the season. This one was a tribute to The Beach Boys. My brother hates them and my aunt and uncle love them, so my mum gave them mine and my brother's tickets. I still wanted to go, so Beth and I bought EyeGo tickets. Beth forgot all about it and it ended up that she couldn't make it. So I sat by myself... in the second row. That's right $5 tickets for the second row! What will I ever do once I'm done highschool? I'll have to pay full price!!

Anyway, The show was really great. And the way the seating is set up, the first row isn't as long as the others and it's centered. Which means there was no one sitting in front of me! So nice. Aww! And Larry Larson (my hero!!) was featured in one of the songs. Larry playing right up front, me sitting right there...*sigh* So great!

But holy crap. The people sitting around me were not my kind of people. The guy sitting behind me was talking about how his wife doesn't like her sleep to be interrupted. He said, "Boy does she love her sleep! The only thing she might possibly love more is her diamonds! (insert pompous, rich laugh here)."

I should get back to my class work. We've got a substitue teacher (who reminds me a lot of Jerry Springer) and he's walking around to see our progress.


  • ...really likes her sleep eh? I bet she's cheating on him. BIG TIME. And banging him only occassionally for the hope of more diamonds.

    By Blogger Kaiser, at May 28, 2005 12:12 a.m.  

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