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Monday, May 02, 2005

Did any of you know that Cybill Shepherd once had an affair with Elvis?! Yeah. Elvis Presley. I found out last night and I was shocked and - well, not so much appalled, but shocked - when I heard. Tres weird!

I promised Liam that I would post about our Tea Time together at camp. It was Thursday night during snack. Liam was looking around for Tiffany and he seemed quite dismayed! Well, not so much dismayed... but you get the point. Turns out that he and Tiffany were scheduled to have one of their regular tea times together, but she was no where to be found. So I offered to have tea with him. It was quite lovely indeed!

In fact, we're now English buddies!! Maybe we will do it again sometime - assuming that I brave up enough courage to face Tiffany again. You see, after our little tea time I hear Tiffany out side saying "Where's Amy?!" in a nearly demonic voice. It was quite scary actually. Turns out no one is allowed to have tea with Liam but her. But later, when she calmed down a little and came to her senses, she decided that she would rather it be me than anyone else. Seriously though, I'm lucky to be alive. I thought she was going to do me in then and there!!

Tomorrow during first period, I'll post a funny entry about what happened to me at night school tonight! That ought to give you something to look forward to!


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