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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Just woke up now and "ugh". When I woke up for school this morning I felt like complete and utter shit. I think I must have some kind of stomach bug. You gotta love that feeling of knowing you're going to throw up... you just don't know when. Just super.

Trying not think of it, in hopes of it going away. So how about a subject change?

Actually, there's not really anything to change it to.

Went out for coffee last night with Nathan. We talked about what kinds of guys (girls in his case) are hot. I have this massive cowboy fetish right now. I don't know why; I never used to. So my top three were Cowboy, Fire Fighter, and Construction Worker. He managed to ruin construction worker for me by reminding me that his dad is one. Thanks. He ruined a couple of other ones too.

I'm not feeling any better. I was hoping I would. So I'm going to go back to bed.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Just finished mowing the lawn. I actually managed to start it all by myself this time!! I usually have to get my brother to do it for me. Now all I need to do is learn how to mow in a straight line. Speaking of mowing.... lol Nicci. While I was out there, a van for Sundance Hot Air Balloon Tours drove by!! I think it's an omen!

Nicci: "Mow it into your lawn... and then take him on a balloon tour of the city. That oughtta work!"

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Victoria!! You're awesome... even though you yell at me. I guess I deserve it. But do you need to be so harsh? I'd like to see you do what you're expecting me to do! lol

I (heart) you.

Yeah. So tonight is night school free. It's so weird that it's over. I may come in to pick up my exam mark, but we'll see how I feel.

Qasir and I have been planning feverishly for my birthday party. We still haven't come up with anything. Seriously guys, if you have any ideas leave me a comment!!

Wednesday is a half day. Mel and I are going shopping to find me a prom dress. Hopefully we'll find something nice seeing as I have left it quite last minute! Oh. Remind me to give you your pants back. I keep forgetting.

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Ernesto and I after the concert on Wednesday. A bunch of us had gone to Jack Astor's.

The first thing Ernie said when he saw this picture was "Oh my god! I look so Spanish!" Hmmm... wonder why! lol

I love the lights in the background.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

My brother taking a break from helping my dad work on the roof.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

I'll warn you now... this post is going to be very random. I'm just in one of those moods.

So my 18th birthday is coming up very, very soon. I have no idea what to do party/get-together wise. If anyone has any ideas, leave me a comment.

I had the biggest urge to go canoeing this weekend. I think I'll probably go camping after exams before I have to start summer school. It's new credit too... 6 hours a day! At least when you go because you fail a class you're only there for half a day.

I have a job interview tomorrow. I had a pre interview with the manager today and he told me that the owner (the one I'm meeting tomorrow) will most likely hire me. He also told me to expect to start Monday. I bet you all thought I'd be unemployed forever! I actually expected that to prove true as well. I'll keep you posted as to whether or not I get it.

Now for some random funny things that were said over the last week or so. They probably wont be funny unless you were actually there when they were said. Oh well... I'll get a good laugh out of 'em.

"The L doesn't stand for Ontario!"
"Aren't you a little old to have cheese in your hair?"
"Amy, they're weather men. They live very risky lives - always on the edge."
"Female sheep = sexy"
"Looks like somebody missed their cue. CUE AS IN QASIR!"
"A little vagina and some Belinda Stronach will take care of that."
"I've yet to see a pubic hair mosey!"

Bahaha! The funniest thing just happened! My MSN name is " 'Save a horse, ride a cowboy!' Well, if you insist... " and Liam came online and said "AMY! GET OFF THAT COWBOY THIS INSTANT!"

Anyway, enough random. I'm done.

Victoria seems to think that she's found the root of all my boy troubles : I can not wink. Or at least that's what I was told last week. But I'll have you know that I've been practicing and Victoria informed me yesterday that I've improved. There's Hope for me yet!! (lol... I love you Victoria!)

Here's a picture of Nathan W. demonstrating the proper winking technique.

Originally uploaded by Amy Cow.

If you've mastered the basic wink and are feeling a little adventurous, you can try Nathan's signature tongue action pictured above.


Friday, May 27, 2005

Got to school on time for second period yesterday- although I nearly didn't. Dan's mom happened to drive by and stop to pick me up. Winner.

Nothing terribly exciting happened until after school. Hung about and ended up volunteering to be a server at tonight's Multicultural Show. Then Gurveer decided he wanted to go get dinner. I said I'd go if he bought me food... so he did. Studied a little for night school exam and then it was off to write it. I think it went pretty well. It only took me an hour to write and I got it to the point where there was nothing else to say. It looked to be shorter than some of the others, but I guess it's quality, not quantity. :P

After I wrote my exam my mum, aunt, and uncle came to pick me up for the last Electric Thursday (a series of concerts performed by the symphony and a rock band) of the season. This one was a tribute to The Beach Boys. My brother hates them and my aunt and uncle love them, so my mum gave them mine and my brother's tickets. I still wanted to go, so Beth and I bought EyeGo tickets. Beth forgot all about it and it ended up that she couldn't make it. So I sat by myself... in the second row. That's right $5 tickets for the second row! What will I ever do once I'm done highschool? I'll have to pay full price!!

Anyway, The show was really great. And the way the seating is set up, the first row isn't as long as the others and it's centered. Which means there was no one sitting in front of me! So nice. Aww! And Larry Larson (my hero!!) was featured in one of the songs. Larry playing right up front, me sitting right there...*sigh* So great!

But holy crap. The people sitting around me were not my kind of people. The guy sitting behind me was talking about how his wife doesn't like her sleep to be interrupted. He said, "Boy does she love her sleep! The only thing she might possibly love more is her diamonds! (insert pompous, rich laugh here)."

I should get back to my class work. We've got a substitue teacher (who reminds me a lot of Jerry Springer) and he's walking around to see our progress.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Ugh. It's 8:52. Class started nearly an hour ago and I'm sitting in my living room in pajamas. My ear was really bothering me last night, so I got very little sleep. When I woke up this morning I was so out of it - so I went back to bed. And now, I'm sitting in front of my computer with my music cranked in an attempt to wake me up a little before I head off to school. Normally I wouldn't care and I'd go to school on the very few hours of sleep I had got... but I have my night school exam tonight and I should probably be at least remotely functional for that.

It just dawned on me that I never explained what's wrong with my ear and what I got diagnosed with. By the end of the weekend I should have a post up all about it - complete with pictures!

Speaking of pictures, I'll have some up from last night as soon as I get them from Mel and Nikki. I'll post about the concert later (tonight perhaps, depending on how tired I am).

Well, I should probably go get ready. It's 9:00 now and next period starts in 35 minutes. It's a 15 - 20 minute walk. I'm still in pjs.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Yesterday was such an awesome day. I had expected it to be ass. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

You remember that German contest I wrote? Well, we got the results back in class yesterday. I placed 4th in my category. Fuck yeah. Which means I receive a cash prize! First place gets $1000... but I'm not sure how much I get. It's over $100 for sure. But I have a feeling that I don't get the money until the awards in October. Oh well - considering I didn't expect to place, I'm just glad to have won something! And I had said to my mum that morning, "If there's an oral section of the competition - I'm walking out. I refuse to talk to them in German. I'll only make an ass out of myself." Sure enough, there was an interview/conversation portion. And, apparently, the two teachers that interviewed me complimented me on what a great job I did.

What else happened? ummmm... Ooo! Alex gave me a zebra watch. That was quite exciting. Thanks Alex!

Then I went home to grab some food before night school, then headed back for class. The teacher has already given us our exam question (I write the exam Thursday night) and it's an essay on a topic that I wont have a problem with. I'm going to write a rough copy tonight and then memorize it by class tomorrow night. Anyway, we had a couple presentations and some exam prep before break. But my teacher said, "After break I'll be putting that documentary from last week on. If you're here to watch it with me - great. If you're not - I wont notice." So I left.

Ended up going out for coffee with Nathan. He burned his tongue on a spicy muffin. Don't ask.

Tonight I've got my Spring Concert for school. Last concert ever. My grandparents, my cousin and his girlfriend, my parents, my brother and some friends are going to be there. All to see me fuck up The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Just super.

Hopefully pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

It's been awhile, and for that I am sorry. Busy, busy, busy - as always.

Thursday was night school. But before class I was at Victoria Park. Haly had organized a birthday party for Hunnisett (Ms. Hunnisett, my grade 9 English teacher who moved to the U.S.) and Luca, her son. Tulia, her daughter, was there too. They are so adorable. Luca just turned 2 and Tulia is just over a year old. I think that's right, anyway. Melissa and I tried to work it out, but we're probably incredibly wrong!

Everyone had such a great time! Good job, Haly. A bunch of us ended up playing football (soccer, for those of you not cool enough to call it what it is) and it was hardcore. It was Abbie (worst goalie ever! :P), Brian, John and myself against Nathan B., Jordan, Farzan and Auburn. It was insane. I have this bad habit of not stepping down from a tackle, which resulted in a few head on collisions. I tackled Farzan, he fell, tripped me and kneed me in the face. The eye to be exact. I was lucky I didn't end up with a black eye. It only would have added to the rest of my wounds. I have a massive bruise on my foot (from the game), bruises up my arm from when I accidentally broke a window, and a huge ugly black one on my leg that I don't know how I got. I'm a mess.

Anyway, long story short, I scored two goals. I could have scored more if the boys on my team had actually passed me the ball. Stupid boys.

Friday I was at a German competition. I'll post all about that when I get my results.

Saturday my mum and I went for a walk through Victoria Park. It was really nice. Then we decided to walk up to the grocery store to get something for dinner, and then we walked home. We walked for three hours. I wonder how many times I can say "walk" in one post... :P

On our way from the park to the grocery store, we saw some graffiti. I can only assume that it was done by Andrew or one of his affiliates. It's advertising Gratis Ropeboarding. Check out his site. They've got some cool pictures in the media section of Andrew and a few of the other guys doing some tricks. There's also a video.

And there you have it - one plug for Ropeboarding!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Boring rant thingy. Skip this post! :P

Ugh. Mother nothing. Tonight sucked ass... but it got better, I guess. I was supposed to go out. Everyone went to see "Unleashed" - the new Jet Li movie. I really, really wanted to go. But alas, I am broke. This whole no money thing started to bother me. Between school, night school, band and everything else I've taken on this year I just don't have time to get a job; which I've accepted. But sometimes it's still crappy seeing friends in really well off situations. Don't get me wrong, I know that my mum's doing the best that she can supporting three people on one income. And it's not like I buy loads of clothes or buy things I could do without. But there's still those rare instances where I could do with a little cash, but it's not there. Tonight for example.

This week in general has been really long, and stressful... and, to be honest with you, pretty damn shitty. There has just been so much crap going on and tonight was when it hit me.

I got a little down. My mum tried to make me feel better - but I was just in such a bitchy mood. I feel really bad about it now. She stood her ground though (a couple months ago she decided that she wouldn't give us extra money because we hadn't been pulling our weight around the house) and she's stuck to her guns! As much as she wanted to, she didn't give in and give me money for the movie.

Anyway, enough of this. I'm (a bit) better now.

Qasir brought it to my attention that I haven't posted since Friday. So, to keep Qasir off my back, I'm blogging now during first period.

Friday I saw that specialist and got diagnosed. I'll post more on that later - I'm not really in the mood to explain it now.

Saturday night I went out for coffee with Steve, Jake, Nathan and Qasir. We went to Tim Hortons and hung out for a while. Then Steve had a craving for pizza, so off we went. Qasir played a damn fine game of Beastorizer (probably not what it was called at all!) but was beat by a chick. A chick who could turn into a rabbit. After they ate their pizza, we headed back to Nathan's for what I was told was a viewing of Futurama, but turned out to be sitting around his kitchen table.... good fun.

I did take pictures, but I was informed that the involved parties would rather their faces not be plastered all over my website. Fair enough. So instead I'll leave you with a picture of my cat sniffing the camera. Enjoy!

Originally uploaded by Amy Cow.

Originally uploaded by Amy Cow.

Well looky who it is! It's Nicole and Jess!

Friday, May 13, 2005

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Nadia, you are too damn cute!

So I went out yesterday at lunch with Nadia, Qasir and their friend whose name I can not spell. Never again will I ever get into his car ever! Scary, scary shit. I thought I was going to die. Anyway, we went to Zehrs and Nadia took it upon herself to see if her bum would fit into this child's swing.

Actually, that's not true. I forced her to so that I could take this picture.

What do the word "Woosh!", a squirrel with a pizza and a Hong Kong dollar have in common?

They were all part of my very random walk home from band with Ann and Mel Wednesday.

Okay. So Mel was rollerblading while Ann and I walked. Mel (being typical Mel) hit a bump and nearly went flying! She went to shout out "Woah Shit!" but instead she screamed "WOOOOOSH!" Funniest thing ever!!

Then we're walking along and I thought Ann was going to fall over she was laughing so hard! She starts pointing up in a tree, but I couldn't see what was so funny. After a few minutes of staring at a tree with absolutely no idea what was going on, I finally saw it - a squirrel eating a slice of pizza. A whole slice! He must've gotten into a garbage can or something. After a good, lengthy chuckle we continued on our way.

We were almost at my house when I saw something shiny. I stop to check it out and, low and behold, it was a Hong Kong dollar. Incredibly random indeed. I mean, really. Who just finds a Hong Kong dollar?

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Okay, so It's a day late... but I had night school last night! Give a girl a break, will ya?

You are adorable, Beth. You're an amazing friend and a such a beautiful person. You've made high school an absolute blast! I miss the days of tuck shop.

Promise me you will never stop dancing.

Love always,

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

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For those of you who have asked yourself "Who is that Qasir fellow who's always being talked about in this blog?" Or "Hmmm... I wonder if there is any relation between this Qasir kid, and Kaiser the frequent commenter?"

Well, This is Qasir. This is also Kaiser. They are one in the same.

This was taken at Tim Hortons before we (Qasir, Nathan and I) went to a movie on Saturday.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

You will have to excuse my lack of post from last night. I know I promised you one, but I did kind of spend a good portion of the night at the hospital. Good old emergency room. I'll fill you in later. Don't worry, it doesn't look to be too serious. I'm making an appointment with a specialist today though. Hopefully I'll have a better idea of what's going on soon.

So Saturday was a good day. I went to the market with my mum and we had a good time. It's been ages since we've spent some time together - we've both been so busy lately. We moseyed around for awhile but didn't buy anything. Ooo! And I saw this violinist playing. Total hottie. I made the mistake of telling my mother I thought he was cute. She looked over and he was checking me out. I didn't believe her, so I looked over and... he was checking me out! Winner! So then my mother gets it in her head for me to go over and put money in his case. I say she's being ridiculous and she says "Well, if you do... and you make eye contact with him... and you smile then we'll renegotiate this whole camera thing!" How could I not do it? I mean, I've been bugging her about this camera for ages! So I did it. I come back over and she says to me "I was planning on talking to you about it today anyway."

Ugh. For those of you who don't know, I've been driving my mother crazy trying to get her to buy me a digital SLR. My reasoning? I'll need one for university anyway, so why not get it now and get a little practice before I go?! I bet she'll get it for my birthday... just over a month!

After that we went for lunch, did a bit of shopping, and got our eyebrows waxed. I was so tired when I got home that I took a nap. I woke up just in time to make plans with Qasir and Nathan. Then I went grocery shopping and then I went out with Nathan and Qasir. We went to see The Hitch Hiker's Guide To the Galaxy. Damn good movie. Then we came back to my house for tea and crumpets. They left around 2 (am) and I went to bed.

Sunday was good too. We went up to Fergus to see my grandma for mother's day. We went to a nursery and I bought a cucumber plant (I grew one last summer too) and I figured I'd try green peppers this year. We had a massive dinner and I took lots of pictures! I'll post them soon.

Boys are weird. This is what was said on the way home today:

Mozes: "You sunk my scrabble ship! Triple word score - Yeah!"

(In regards to me taking a nap with him :S ) "All I have to do is move the tissue box, then there'll be room for you."

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Awww! It's Sharon!

She's my Math and German buddy. If it wasn't for her, I'd go crazy in those classes. She's the first to hear all my crazy boy stories... and I'm the first to laugh at her for all her crazy boy dilemas!

Oh Shron, the situation you have gotten yourself into sure is a crappy one! :P

Saturday, May 07, 2005

So I've got a couple of the pictures from yesterday posted. Unfortunately, I don't have one of the birthday girl because she hates having her picture taken. I came close to getting one though, but she caught me and moved at the very last second. It's quite frustrating.

More to come tomorrow night... wait, let's say Monday. I'll probably get lazy and not post.

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I made my mum a lovely pasta dinner. As much as it may look like somebody threw up into the bowl, it honestly tasted really good. And there were no left overs, which has got to tell you something!

Originally uploaded by Amy Cow.

"Ummm.... Matt? What happened to the cake? Somebody's eaten half of it!"

Originally uploaded by Amy Cow.

That's a guilty face if I ever saw one...

*Any accusations regarding my brother and a cake may or may not be true. Man, if he knew I had a picture of him on my site he'd be so pissed! eheheheh. *

Friday, May 06, 2005


That's right folks, it's my mum's birthday. She's not home from work yet, so I decided to take a minute away from getting the house ready to blog. My brother's outside mowing the lawn and I'm in my living room belting out Aerosmith hits. Yes - Aerosmith.

I'll take pictures tonight of the festivities. But there's still a lot to do before she gets here. I have to clean the kitchen and living room, vacuum, cook dinner, wrap her gifts and finish burning a special birthday cd (I was smart this year and decided to buy a cake. Whenever I decide to make one, it's never ready on time!). She's going to be home at 6 and I haven't started any of that list. Well, that's not entirely true. I downloaded a few songs for the cd - hence the Aerosmith.

On a side note: This kid in my English class did a presentation today on Cricket and it was totally the shit!! It was funny, because it was just last week that I was telling my mum I wanted to join a team. I think I could do it.... maybe.

Random Qasir quotes that, oddly enough, I find to be funny (maybe I'm just a little out of it today :P ) :

"The mainframe is down! We must initiate battle mode!!"

"What the hell?! I didn't say you could have a car!"

"I'm feeling a lot better today. I only threw up once this morning and I've managed to keep my breakfast down."

Thursday, May 05, 2005

So I'm bored. I was just working on a little art attempt thing and I hit a block. While I was waiting for "artistic inspiration" I ended up busting out the old love voodoo doll someone gave me for my birthday way back in the day. I found it in a drawer and figured "what the hell". The fun lasted all of two minutes and now I'm blogging. So damn bored.

Oo! Oo! Dave gave the most random presentation in English class today. It was about taxidermy. Yeah, that's right - taxidermy.

We'll, I'm gonna go make a burrito and get back to my art. Wish me luck.

Didn't blog yesterday... too busy pretend shopping. I'll get a link up later so you know what I'm talking about.

So I had an interview Tuesday afternoon with the vice principal of the school I was hoping to transfer to. He's decided to let me, which means that in September I'll be there instead. I'm only coming back for a semester and I needed change. I'm in the emotional state to go to university, but not the financial. So I figured a new school for four months would be cool. And yeah, that's that.

I got bored with my digital camera yesterday so I'll probably post those later. Qasir and I are in the middle of scheming a marvelous scheme. I should get back to that. Once we've got it all sorted out I'll fill you in!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

How To Comment:

It has been brought to my attention that some of you haven't been commenting because you don't want to make a Blogger account. Well, lucky for you, you don't need one! All you have to do is either select "Anonymous" or "Other" in the comment section. You don't need to sign in or anything. Now none of you have excuses for not commenting.

I hope that cleared everything up for you Melissa!

There's only 10 minutes left of first period. I wasted it away because we have a supply and I felt like doing some of my "pretend shopping". For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll explain in another entry.

So last night before night school I was talking to a friend of Nadia's. I can't for the life of me figure out how to spell his name, so you'll have to do without. Anyway, I mentioned this guy that he had said hi to a couple weeks ago because I thought I might have known him way back when. Turns out he was who I thought he was - my first crush ever from grade 3! I made the mistake of telling Nadia's friend this and he says "Who? The guy behind you?" I turn around and, sure enough, he's standing right there. He hadn't heard any of the conversation though, but Nadia's ass of a friend decided to tell him. I wasn't really embarrassed, but I was laughing incredibly hard! So I just walked away. I don't think he saw me or had any idea who I was. He seemed rather confused actually.

It's a good thing that I'm used to making an ass of myself in public, otherwise I may have been quite humiliated!

2 minutes left of class and I have a trigonometry test next period. Totally fucked.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Did any of you know that Cybill Shepherd once had an affair with Elvis?! Yeah. Elvis Presley. I found out last night and I was shocked and - well, not so much appalled, but shocked - when I heard. Tres weird!

I promised Liam that I would post about our Tea Time together at camp. It was Thursday night during snack. Liam was looking around for Tiffany and he seemed quite dismayed! Well, not so much dismayed... but you get the point. Turns out that he and Tiffany were scheduled to have one of their regular tea times together, but she was no where to be found. So I offered to have tea with him. It was quite lovely indeed!

In fact, we're now English buddies!! Maybe we will do it again sometime - assuming that I brave up enough courage to face Tiffany again. You see, after our little tea time I hear Tiffany out side saying "Where's Amy?!" in a nearly demonic voice. It was quite scary actually. Turns out no one is allowed to have tea with Liam but her. But later, when she calmed down a little and came to her senses, she decided that she would rather it be me than anyone else. Seriously though, I'm lucky to be alive. I thought she was going to do me in then and there!!

Tomorrow during first period, I'll post a funny entry about what happened to me at night school tonight! That ought to give you something to look forward to!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Friday night in Nathan's van....

Me: Why are crows so big?

I thought that maybe there was some biological reason for it. You know, some way that it helped them survive.

Nathan: (looks at me in a way that suggests he's thinking "What the hell kind of question is that?") That's like asking 'Why are Blue Herons so big?'

Me: That's easy! They'd look silly if they had tiny bodies on such long legs.

Nathan: Okay, then it would be like saying 'Why are condors meat eaters?'

Me: It's very rare to find broccoli growing in the wild.

Nathan: (gives me another one of those looks suggesting he just can't be bothered with me anymore)

At least I had valid reason behind my question. I honestly wanted to know how their size helped them survive. His questions were just absurd. Absurd questions deserve absurd answers.

MSN just did a feature on the top ten most famous cars from movies. Here's what some survey by some researchers showed:

1. General Lee, 1969 Dodge Charger—from the 1970's TV show The Dukes of Hazzard
2. 1968 Ford Mustang—Driven by Steve McQueen in the movie Bullitt
3. Eleanor, 1967 Shelby GT500—from the movie Gone in 60 Seconds
4. 1983 DeLorean Time Machine—from the movie Back to the Future
5. Batmobile—from the TV series and movie Batman starring Adam West
6. James Bond's Aston Martin DB5—from the movie Goldfinger
7. 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am—driven by Burt Reynolds in the movie Smokey and
the Bandit
8. Herbie, 1963 Volkswagen Beetle—from the movie The Love Bug
9. 1974 Ford Torino—from the TV show and now movie Starsky & Hutch
10. Black Beauty—from the 1966 TV show The Green Hornet

Eleanor should have been number 1, if you ask me. I always loved Shelby Cobras... even before the movie came out. I love that movie, and I love the car, and I will have one some day (at least that's what I keep telling myself).

So last night's show was pretty damn cool. It wasn't jazz, like we had expected. But instead it was all a tribute to Louis Armstrong and his music in barber shop form. That's right - an evening of barber shop. It was nuts. And I swear that we were the youngest people there. If I had to guess, I would say that at least 80% of the audience was over the age of 60. It was awesome. But surprisingly, I noticed an extreme lack of argyll.

After the show we were heading out and Nathan decided to jokingly push Steve. Steve, however, wasn't expecting it and, well, flew! It caught everyone off guard - especially the crowd of old people behind us. This was followed by an impromptu STOMP performance by Steve and Nathan to the ... delight... of the parking lot. They're not sure, but they think that some women heading to their car joined in.

We went for coffee at Tim Hortons and Tiffany was working, so waited around for her to finish her shift. Steve choked and Nathan spilled his tea (no matter what he tells you, it wasn't my fault!). And yeah. That was that. I didn't want to go home, so the three of us went to Nathan's for a while.

I must get going, but before I do, I'll leave you with a picture from camp. I've decided to give you all my camp tales in installments, because it would be one massive entry if I were to do it otherwise.

Originally uploaded by Amy Cow.

Katharine, Dan, Beth and I decided that we had to do something for the talent show. So, with less than an hour's preparation, we started a rock band! You read right. A rock band. Now I know that it was a music trip (yes, it was band camp) but that doesn't mean that we knew what we were doing. Yet again, I managed to make a complete ass of myself while there. But at least this year it was intentional. Beth (not in the picture :'( ) was our lead singer, Katharine (left) played tambourine, Dan (middle) played guitar, and yours truly (right) was on drums. I was fucking awesome... in a lame "I can't play" sort of way. In case you were wondering, we played Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl".