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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

So I've wanted to post these last couple of days, but it turns out that I had some assignments that actually needed to be done in my first period class. It's a course that covers film, animation and photoshop and you spend 5 weeks in each with different teachers. I'm in animation right now. It sucks ass. I loved the film section and I did really well, but I just don't enjoy animation. But I am doing well. We got the marks back for our first test. I got 31 and 1/3 out of 30. The funny thing is that I lost a 1/2 mark for a mistake and there were no bonus questions. Don't ask - I have no idea.But yeah.

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You leave your camera in the Student Council room for 5 minutes and this is what happens. Just so you know - Melissa on the left, Auburn on the right, and Laura in the background.


  • Damn that one on the right sure is foxy!! I wanna take her to Prom!!...and Amy's hot too...but I don't wanna take her to Prom...she should go with...ummm....ummm...STEVE!! Yeah, I think that would work well. They'd just look good me crazy!

    By Anonymous Auburn...ermmm...I mean...Random Person "X", at May 17, 2005 10:47 p.m.  

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