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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I love spaghetti. That was damn good. Supper always tastes better when I get home from a long night of night school!

Today was a fun day. I met up with Marko after school and he and I went to Muses*. Well, kind of Muses. It's a new location and I think it's a new name similar to the old one. But it's Muses to me, and always will be. We went with Nadia and Mwardi (I'm sure I spelled that wrong! I'll fix it when I figure out the right way!) and had some dinner. Oh how I've missed that place...

It was really cool though. Not only were we remembered by the owner, but Marko and I got to get all caught up. I hadn't seen him since August. So many things had changed for both of us, but at the same time, so many things hadn't. And oh how great it was having that spicy spinach dip with him again! It brought back so many memories... :P

But yeah, after that we drove to Waterloo and picked his dad up from work and then we went for coffee. Talked and gossiped a lot, but what did you expect from the two of us?

After that he dropped me off at school and I headed to class. Just your average night at night school. Thanks to World Issues, I am now paranoid of the next pandemic. Thanks for that. Thanks so much.

2 more sleeps until camp. Now I'm off to sleep one of those sleeps away....

* To learn all about Muses, read the archives of my old blog


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